Earth Day 2022

Happy Earth Day!

We are passionate about the environment. It is a priority in our personal lives and we have extended that to Flight as well. Our goal is to do our best to be more sustainable and leave the planet better than we found it. Below if a round up of some earth friendly practices we use at the store (and at home!), sustainable brands we carry, and organizations we support. 

Spend some time outside today to enjoy all nature has to offer!

We recognize that fast fashion is a big part of the climate crisis and don’t want to be a part of that problem. We aim to provide lasting styles that will prove year after year to be seasonless, classic, and durable.

At the store, we buy small runs of items in hopes to sell through completely. We donate anything that is happens not to sell. If anything is damaged or stained, we clean, fix, or alter, then donate.

We love our seamstress in Salt Lake City for when we have given a bit too much love to our clothing and need repairs or tailoring.  Joy Alterations Salt Lake City Utah.

Any plastic or cardboard that our items come packaged in always gets recycled. 

We are paired up with Good Earth recycling and they are AMAZING. They come pick up all sorts of our recycling 3 days a week.

We love the refillable store in SLC called Animalia. It is another female owned business!  They have detergent, soaps, lotions, shampoo, toothpaste, cleaners… and such amazing local artisan pottery, artifacts, household tools, art, and vintage clothing.

At home, we resell or donate most of our clothing or kid’s clothing. We recycle and try to use reusable towels instead of paper.  Reusable packaging is used for our kid's lunches for school and ours we bring to work. We try to use natural products that aren’t filled with chemicals and use the Spoil to Soil curbside composting service.  

BB Dakota
Blank NYC
Bobo Chooses
Daisy Street
Dolce Vita
For Love and Lemons
Free People
Lack of Color
Rylee + Cru
Saltwater Luxe
Sundown by Splendid

8 Billion Trees


Heal Utah

Natural Resources Defense Council

Project Drawdown

Sierra Club

Tree Utah

Women’s Earth Alliance


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