Gwyneth Paltrow's Ski Trial Looks

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As most of the world knows Gwyneth Paltrow is in our home town of Park City, UT for her highly news driven ski trial. If you follow celebrity news you have been seeing her in and out of the courtroom in some very Park City/ Mountain Town chic outfits. We thought it would be fun to join local forces with the stunning owner of Gallery MAR - Maren Mullin to re-create some of the looks with Flight's clothing in the beautiful space of Gallery MAR.

Yesterday Maren called us up to join forces after participating in a New York Times article, written by the brilliant Vanessa Friedman. The focus: what Oscar-winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow is wearing at her Park City ski accident trial, and what her costuming says about her. Maren Mullin was quoted on her opinion of the looks that Gwyneth Paltrow is serving, in Paltrow’s much-watched ski accident trial. One such quote related to Park City locals, and the idea that what the fashion-forward Paltrow is wearing is very much like what you might see right here on Main Street — and also on how challenging it must be to tow the line between dressing up and dressing down.

Below, enjoy a few of the outfits we have seen on Paltrow, here re-styled and re-imagined by Flight Boutique, and of course the information on where you can get the looks too. See if you can recognize the court looks we are re-interpreting, all in front of Gallery MAR artwork favorites.

Tone-on-tone suit dressing by Flight Boutique. Paintings by (left to right) Shawna Moore and Nina Tichava. One cannot forget to hydrate!
 See if you can recognize the court looks we are re-interpreting. Paintings by (from left to right) Bridgette Meinhold and Matt Flint. Sculpture by Siri Hollander.
Details by Flight Boutique. Neon sculpture by Hunt Slonem
Gwyneth Paltrow Park City Trial Look One, styled by Flight Boutique. Paintings by Michael Kessler and sculpture by Wayne Salge.
And the final verdict just came in- Gweneth is not at fault! 
It's been fun watching the outfits and press on our little mountain town. 


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