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Our friend Maren from Gallery Mar featured us on her blog in her "art from the Heart" series on her blog.  The series recognizes other local businesses and has them select their favorite piece of art from the gallery and tell why they close it. 

Visit the Gallery Mar blog to see the FULL FEATURE!


Thanks for featuring us Gallery Mar. Here is what we picked and what Maren picked from our store: 

Left to right: Gallery MAR’s Havoc Hendricks, “Art of Subtly,” mixed media, 60″ x 48″ | Flight Boutique’s “For Love & Lemons” Annie Maxi Dress



“This piece from Havoc Hendricks, “The Art of Subtly” is our pick. We love the simplicity of these lines that together in their form, create the mountain scape that we all live amongst. It’s simple, yet powerful. We see getting dressed everyday as its own art form of expression. The person who appreciates the fashion we bring to this mountain town would definitely be the same kind of person who would appreciate having this work by Havoc Hendricks in their home.” – Flight Boutique


“This romantic floral chiffon dress, “For Love & Lemons” Annie Maxi Dress is a work of art in itself, combining the same sense of sophisticated delicacy and bold dynamism as a Hendricks painting. Not only is this piece stylish, but it’s also eco-friendly, too, made from 100% recycled polyester material. This piece would make a beautiful gift for yourself or high fashioned friend.” – Gallery MAR


Visit Gallery Mar on your next trip to Park City! 

Gallery Mar
436 Main St, Park City, UT 84060

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