Sustainable brands - Part 1

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As a business and individuals, we find great importance in sustainability to do our part in helping the planet.  One way we do this is by bringing sustainable brands into Flight. Each vary in their levels of sustainable practices and we appreciate the efforts they make. We want to highlight those brands and the efforts they make to create more sustainable brands. First up, we will be highlighting Rylee + Cru and For Love & Lemons with the information each brand shares with their consumers. 



Rylee + Cru is designed in the United States and made in China. Everything is made in partnership with factories that must sign a code of conduct agreement with us which states all the critical components: No child labor, no forced work environments, pay fair wages, etc. We have chosen to exclusively work with factories that are WRAP certified so that you can guarantee the products are made responsibly.

All Rylee & Cru packaging (polybags / hangtags) are recyclable. By sourcing only the best cotton and materials we can share with you longer-lasting, better washing garments, and accessories that aren't disposable. We only source fabrics that meet a list of Rylee & Cru requirements to be safe, natural, and premium. This means that every piece of fabric that goes into a Rylee & Cru garment or accessory must be: Sustainably made - Ethically made - Made of natural fibers - Made with natural dyes - Free of antimicrobial chemicals - Free of formaldehyde - Free of pesticides - Free of phthalates - Free of PFCs - Free of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) - Free of VOCs.

We believe that cherished baby garments should be worn, well-loved, and then shared with others, not thrown away wastefully. This is why as a brand an emphasis is put on producing better quality and longer-lasting items that live on beyond the initial wear and tear that endearing garments face. As a small business, we think we can use apparel as a tool to help others so our heart is to give where we can.



For Love & Lemons is the heart and soul of a friendship that has lasted decades. We firmly believe something we love this much needs to have a positive impact on this beautiful planet we all live on.

We’re moving away from traditional polyester and transitioning to recycled polyester to avoid creating new waste. We’re giving already existing material new life which lessens greenhouse gas emissions and ensures a more circular lifespan for a garment. We’re opting to use viscose and rayon where we can since they are made from cellulose fibers - wood pulp to be exact. We realize this isn’t the most ideal option, but as we evolve our sustainability efforts, a step away from traditional polyester is a step in the right direction. Linen is made from flax plants and uses less water than traditional cotton to create fiber. We want to transition to using organic linen wherever possible.

To reduce our carbon footprint, we produce our garments in only two countries and two factories - one for our RTW collections and one for #FLLforVS - rather than spreading production across several factories and countries. We use digital printing almost exclusively since it is more sustainable than screen printing. We are far from perfect, but we are actively incorporating sustainability into everything we do. 

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