The Scout Guide!

We've been scouted for Volume 3 of The Scout Guide Park City!  

Image by Gabriella Santos Photography curtesy of The Scout Guide Park City. 

The Scout Guide is a city guide dedicated to supporting local businesses in Park City, Utah. The latest volume launched December 1, 2021 and it features 72 amazing local businesses in the area. Suzanne Harper Dildy is the editor curating all the members for the guide each year.  We are one of the new local businesses featured, you can find us on page 95! 

We love being a part of the Park City community and supporting other local businesses. The Scout guide believes that small businesses are the cornerstones of our cities. It connects people with local makers, experts, and one another. In print and online, and on national and local levels, The Scout Guide celebrates small businesses, supports local entrepreneurs, and helps readers enjoy their communities to the fullest.

The Scout Guide is printed - refreshing in this digital age - and it is beautiful. The tangerine and azalea colors that were chosen for the cover this year are amazing and all the imagery inside is so creative and well done. 

You can find a guide at the physical locations of each of the scouted members.  See a digital directory of all the scouted members HERE.  

Thank you Suzanne for having Flight in Volume 3 of TSG Park City! We loved reading your editor profile on Instagram

Shout out to Gabriella Santos for capturing the image for our spread! We are so happy with the way it turned out. 

If you have any upcoming trips planned, The Scout Guide Park City is part of a larger network that celebrates local all over the country. There are 70 locations nationwide full of local, independently owned businesses in their communities. Check out other local city guides for your next trip!

Check out VOLUME 3 of the Scout Guide Park City

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If you are interested in seeing past volumes of The Scout Guide Park City, you can see Volume 1 HERE  and Volume 2 HERE!

All images curtesy of The Scout Guide Park City

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